continuity planning

Millennial's expectations

Millennials expect to use technology in the workplace; and not just any technology. Millennials want to use their own technology on their own schedule. WebTop, combined with the flexibility of Bring Your Own Device, allows businesses the opportunity to offer this essential functionality to its workers.



Steep increase in cloud adoption rate

The past year-and-a-half has seen a steep increase in the rate of adoption of cloud computing applications, with some of the biggest movers found in the government and regulated industries. Within the government sector, there has been a spike of more than 300 percent in the proportion of agencies that have moved to the cloud.

Huber Advisors' WebTop, helps you get there and reduces costs for our customers:

*No capital investment

*No more costly hardware, software and support purchases

*Flexible plans – pay only for what you use

*Reduce ongoing break-fix support costs