continuity planning

Are you ready for anything?

According to FEMA, 40% of businesses do not reopen after a major disaster and another 25% fail within a year.  The US Small Business Administration cites 90% fail within two years of a disaster.

It has been proven having a comprehensive recovery strategy improves your ability to recover.   But there’s more to it than simply backing up to the cloud.  How long it takes you to recover and be back in business is crucial.

It has been estimated that companies lose an average of $85,000 for every hour of downtime. 

Is your business ready for anything, including a disaster?  How long can your business survive if your IT systems crashed and were inoperable?  How long would you remain in business if you couldn’t provide your product or service? How much do you lose due to an hour of downtime?

The survival rate for companies without a recovery plan is less than 10%!

Don’t be part of these statistics.  Start with unsertanding your risks, then develop your strategy for addressing them, and how to recover from them.