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Planning & Training for Emergency Recovery
By Robert C. Huber and Rex L. Pickett

From the back cover:
"Managing the aftermath of a disaster or crisis is extremely difficult and will have unpredictable results unless serious planning has taken place prior to the event and a simple but solid plan is activated immediately after the event.

RESPONSE! Planning and Training for Emergency Recovery provides the necessary education and leadership skills to successfully create and implement a business continuity plan.

The primary objective of a business continuity plan is to identify what needs to be accomplished immediately after a disaster strikes.

Clear recognition of what type of events can happen, preparation for the possible effects, careful select of organized response, and training of people to respond sensibly to adversity can significantly reduce, even prevent, the effects of disaster.  The important parts are planning and training.

This book I sorganized in a way to systematically take the reader through all steps of analyzing key operations and setting into place a stuctures contingency organization, creating an organized way to recover critical opeations after a disaster in an efficient and orderly manner.

RESPONSE! Planning and training for Emergency Recovery sets forth the Rules of Engagement for recovering from disaster”

based on the book
RESPONSE! Planning & Training for Emergency Recovery

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