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Regulations, Compliance, and Guidelines for Dental Practice Compliance: How to get the Elephant off your Back

complianceRunning a dental practice requires knowledge about a lot more than just teeth. For instance, running a successful practice has some key areas of compliance and regulations that come to mind right away: OSHA, HIPAA, and Medicaid.

OSHA Constraints:

  • Blood borne pathogens standard
  • Hazard Communications – employee right to know
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Exit Routes
  • Electrical
  • Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
  • OSHA Poster displayed

HIPAA Constraints:

  • Privacy Rule
  • Security Rule
  • Breach Notification Rule

Medicaid Constraints:

  • Written policies
  • Designation of compliance officer/contact(s)
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Monitoring
  • Enforcing disciplinary standards
  • Responding promptly to issues

Each of the bullet items in themselves, expand to multiple points, processes, and requirements. All in all, meeting all the requirements can seem like an enormous task. This doesn’t even touch on managing of prescription drugs, customer management, or partner agreements. But how do you, as a practice owner, tackle these requirements?

The phrase, albeit trite phrase, I often use to help address a seemingly insurmountable list of tasks is “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is, “One bite at a time.” The notion being when faced with the enormity of all the compliance requirements, it can confuse and overwhelm you as a practitioner. The Huber Advisor approach helps parse the requirements into the smaller bite-sized pieces that allow for a step-wise and systematic progression to becoming and remaining compliant.

If you want to get your practice compliant, and keep it there, we can help. Starting with the identification of all the requirements, you’re current status meeting the requirements, and which areas introduce the most risk to your practice. From there, we address the issues, one bite at a time, and get you to the level of compliance needed. Give us a call at 651-429-9991 or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll help make sure you’re

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