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Solid Methodology Drives Business Continuity Planning

The terms Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning are often confused -- substituting one for the other, sometimes narrowly focused, and sometimes recovering nothing more than IT systems and services.  With the Huber Advisors’ methodology, our focus is on your business.  Essential operations and services are identified and prioritized for recovery, and the means for doing so. This could be through detailed manual processes, relocating operations to an alternate site and leveraging remote connectivity, or identifying a gap in IT assumptions that can be closed with new or upgraded technology solutions..

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Huber Advisors is Different!

Huber Advisors focuses on recovering your essential business operations.  That is the key to your strategy, focusing on the essential business operations, understanding the risks, and then creating a plan that will help ensure the continuity of your entire business, not just IT operations.

The first step in acquiring an in-depth understanding of your business is interviewing your key staff people.  This is the first step in acquiring an in-depth understanding of your business, its workflow and interdependencies. Nothing can replace this hands-on approach to gathering mission-critical information about your business operations.

Before Disaster Strikes...

Huber Advisors leads the process to generate plans that will ensure the orderly restoration of all essential/critical business functions within the targeted Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of a disaster event. The primary objective of this planning process is to identify what needs to be accomplished immediately after a disaster strikes, and beginning recovery activity as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Huber Advisors does this, not just for your IT department, but for all aspects of your business. IT systems risk is a significant component of overall business risk due to disaster. However, the risk of IT failure is not the sum total of events that threaten your business!

Plan, Train, Then Respond

Having the plan is the first step.  Next is ensuring you and your colleagues are aware of the necessary steps to ensure smooth recovery.
With our training partner, Morgan McGuire Leadership, we run comprehensive simulations to get the recovery team ready, offer in-depth Train-The-Trainer (T3) sessions, and ensure your team is ready to Help Your Business Stay In Business


Before Disaster Strikes...

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Huber Advisors leads the process of identifying key operational risks, generates the plans and solutions to address these gaps, all to help ensure orderly restoration of essential business functions.

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Huber Advisors’ Methodology – An Award Winner in Business Continuity